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MaXpeedingRods Sponsors Two British Drift Championship Racers

Sponsored by MaXpeedingRods

MaXpeedingRods, a manufacturer of performance parts such as connecting rods, crankshafts, turbochargers, and coilovers, has announced sponsorship of British Drift Championship racers Oliver Evans and Duane McKeever. The performance parts company, established in 2006, reaches more than 4 million car enthusiasts across America, Australia, Asia, Europe and other countries.

Oliver Evans, who hails from the UK, races the British Drift Championship with a Nissan S14 that is equipped with a Toyota 2JZ Supra engine. As part of the sponsorship, Evans will be utilizing MaXpeedingRods’ high-performance 4340 EN24 billet steel crankshaft, their Toyota 2JZ Supra connecting rods, and their racing turbo.

Oliver Evans

In addition, Evans will be producing a build video of the new MaXpeedingRods components for YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to help direct traffic to the MaXpeedingRods website. Evans and MaXpeedingRods also plan to test and demonstrate the quality of the products to showcase what reasonably priced components are capable of.

MaXpeedingRods’ second sponsored racer is Duane McKeever, who hails from Ireland, and also competes in the British Drift Championship. McKeever races a Nissan 180SX and will also be utilizing MaXpeedingRods’ high-performance 4340 EN24 billet steel crankshaft and connecting rods.

Duane McKeever

“A big thanks to MaXpeedingRods for the 2021 season sponsorship and for supplying us with a brand new 2.8L crankshaft and rods for Betsy,” McKeever said. “This will allow us to run a lot more boost and safer horsepower as well as it being 77-lbs. lighter.”

The British Drift Championship, the UK’s professional drift series, kicks off on April 17 with a stadium event in Coventry. In addition to sponsoring racers around the world, MaXpeedingRods also runs its own race team, which was established in 2019. The team’s professional drivers take part in the ARRC (Asia Road Racing Championship) on behalf of the Chinese National Team. MaXpeedingRods’ research department learns from these racing sponsorships and its own race team to better its products.

“MaXpeedingrods values the performance of its parts in all practical applications,” the company said. “We have converted our research achievements into racing-specific and street-specific products. Our racing products draw on research to provide performance optimization solutions for professional and competitive drivers. In addition, the street products are aimed at the general public, providing high-quality and affordable modified car products and services.”

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