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April Has Been Good to Me

Two years ago this month, I was promoted to editor of this fine publication and brand we call Engine Builder. After having been in the managing editor role for the five years prior, I got my chance to run the ship, as they say, when Doug Kaufman accepted an editorial director role within Babcox Media with our Tech Group of magazines, which include Brake & Front End, Import Car, Underhood Service, Shop Owner, and Tomorrow’s Technician. I was given the chance to run this brand, and I happily accepted.

In fact, if you remember my column from April 2019, I said, “I wouldn’t trade my last five years for any other spot within Babcox. I love writing about the people, the technology, the parts and the engines that make up this great industry we call engine building.” That statement holds true today, and frankly, I probably love it even more than I did back then, because our brand continues to make an effort day in and day out to produce better products for our readers and advertisers. 

It’s been a busy two years, but also a fun two years since April 2019 (excluding this pandemic). I’m also happy to report that Doug Kaufman is still rockin’ and rollin’ and doing his thing at Babcox too. 

Another item I mentioned in that column two years ago, was the birth of my son Liam. Born on March 20th, Liam is now a two-year-old and has his mom and dad wrapped around his finger pretty good. He’s running around with more horsepower than a twin-turbo engine and he’s learning words faster than today’s ECUs keep engines at peak performance. We have to start really watching what we say around him!

Liam is a typical boy who has taken a natural liking to cars, trucks, helicopters (helicacas), boats, motorcycles (motacapas) – pretty much anything with an engine – and he loves making revving noises! I might be to blame for that? 

With all of his energy during the day, fortunately for us, Liam is and has been, a champion sleeper, which might explain his ability to run around non-stop. What’s really going to change Liam’s world, and ours, is the latest news my family has to share with all of you this April.

My wife Kelly and I recently found out we will be welcoming a baby girl to the family. Due in early September, this baby girl will make us a family of four and will force us to get our mindset back into infant mode.

While these two years have seemed much longer with Liam growing up and a pandemic engulfing our lives, we couldn’t be happier to add a girl to our family. I think we can handle it! Maybe this little girl will love cars and making revving noises too?

Speaking of small things, our April issue has a number of features for you to enjoy, most of them focused on small engines and small components. This month, we give you a glimpse at what’s going on with motorcycles and powersport engines and the opportunities in that market. We revisit the world of karting and what the landscape of those racing series look like today versus 50 years ago. We talk all about piston rings and their relationship with oil and bore finishes. And lastly, we feature two model car/engine builders who do some amazing work on a very small scale. It’s so good, in fact, you might not have realized they were models, aside from me just spoiling it for you. 

It’s another good April here at Engine Builder, and we hope you enjoy this latest issue!  EB

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