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Goodson Crankshaft Polishing Belts & Cylinder Head Resurfacing Belts

Goodson has started making its own abrasive belts through its Abrasive Industrial Supplies division.


A few years ago, Goodson purchased a company called Abrasive Industries and moved the operations to its warehouse in Winona, MN. When that purchase happened, Goodson started making its own abrasive belts through this new division, Abrasive Industrial Supplies or AIS. 

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In 2020, Goodson invested in a belt-making machine, which has enabled the company to produce belts more quickly. Current turnaround on belts is about two working days.

This means Goodson will have the abrasive belts you need on the shelf when you need them. And if they’re not on the shelf, they can make them and get them to you in just a couple of days. 

It also means that you can get belts for any type of machine you have in your operation. If you have a belt grinder that uses a 2″ x 72″ belt you can order those belts from Goodson. Have a Burr King that uses a 3″ x 79″ belt? They can do that too. How about a Kalamazoo belt grinder that needs a 4″ x 48″ belt? The answer is yes. 

For more info: Abrasive Industrial Supplies.



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