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ProCharged 1,600-HP LSX Engine


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Founded in 1929, Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center or (SDPC) is a fourth generation, family owned and operated, wholesaler of GM parts and engines located in Lubbock, TX. Scoggin Dickey Parts Center also has advanced engine machining equipment within its SDPC Raceshop, where complete ground-up engine builds and modified new crate engines are built.

The Raceshop can accommodate blueprinting, balancing, complete cylinder head work, and has CNC and engine dyno capabilities as well. As such, the shop recently finished a ProCharged 400 cubic inch LSX engine build and we’re going to tell you all about it in this episode of Engine of the Week.


SDPC Raceshop’s ProCharged 400 cubic inch LSX engine build is for a drag racing application. According to the shop, this ProCharged LSX was an absolute treat to build and thanks to a number of quality components, it should have no problem screaming down the track in its new chassis, which was built by Miller Race Cars.

This particular LSX engine build belongs to drag racer Jason Enfinger. It features an LSX block, Brodix LS7 cylinder heads, a billet crankshaft, forged steel I-beam rods, Diamond pistons, a Frankenstein Freakshow dual injector intake, a Holley Dominator, a Peterson Fluid Systems dry sump set up, an Innovators West timing set and balancer, a Wilson Manifolds throttle body, a Moroso oil pan, and is topped off with a ProCharger F-1X-12 supercharger.


What makes the build even cooler is this LSX setup runs on 100% race fuel down low utilizing a set of Fuel Injector Development injectors, and blends to 100% methanol using billet Atomizer racing injectors once the boost hits a pre-determined point. When everything is clicking right, this 400 cubic inch LSX engine makes over 1,600 hp and climbing at 7,500 rpm. If you ask us, this 1,600 horsepower LSX engine should make Jason one happy customer.

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