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Male or Female – Passion Fuels Our Industry

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can relate to that feeling this industry gives you and you want to immerse yourself in it. That’s what makes this industry great.

No matter who you are in this industry, we all share one thing in common when it comes to motorsports – passion. We all have passion for cars, trucks, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, various forms of racing, performance, engines, and so much more because we enjoy the way those things look, feel and sound, and they excite us like few other things can.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can relate to that feeling this industry gives you and you want to immerse yourself in it. That’s what makes this industry great, and from my seat as editor of Engine Builder, I get to speak with so many of you who exuberate that passion for the industry. Whether that’s through the engines you build, the components or machinery you manufacture, or the races/competitions you try to win – it’s all because of passion and promoting motorsports in the best light, so others can experience it the same way you did.

Since we started featuring more women in the pages of Engine Builder three years ago as part of our inaugural Women’s Issue, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with many great women who help make this industry better. No matter who I speak with day in and day out, their passion for what they do is evident.

The women are no exception. In fact, they may have even more passion for what they do than the guys in some cases – if that’s even possible. From engine shops to pit crews to drivers, race track and race team personnel, and industry businesses, women are helping move motorsports forward in many new ways.

As a dad to a two-and-a-half-year-old son and soon-to-be daughter, it’s great that both of them will be able to look up to so many fantastic women fulfilling their dreams and achieving their goals within motorsports and giving younger generations inspiration to do the same. This year, in our third edition of the Women’s Issue, we once again feature women who are making waves in engine shops ¬– both gas and diesel, in the NHRA, in NASCAR, in Monster Jam, in other various forms of racing, and within industry businesses helping people make performance a reality. I love hearing how all these women decided to make this industry their career and how much joy they get out of all aspects of being part of it.

I hope you get that much joy out of reading all about them, as well as our other features in this month’s issue. EB

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