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MSD Ignition Box


MSD Pro 600 Single-Channel CDI Ignition Box

This ignition is capable of running continuously at an energy level of up to 600 mJ inducing more than 250 microseconds of spark duration.


The Single Channel Pro 600 Ignition is engineered and built for the most demanding racing applications. With a Power Boost wire, the ignition output can be changed on the fly between programmable lower energy (325 mJ by default) to its maximum energy output of 600 mJ. The lower energy setting reduces the battery power requirements and lessens the stress on the secondary ignition components (distributor cap, rotor, spark plug wires and spark plugs).

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The ignition’s Alternating-Current (AC) operation with an internal coil-coupler considerably increases spark-gap energy and duration over Direct-Current (DC) Ignitions. This increased efficiency translates to more energy at the spark gap combined with longer spark duration and cooler operating temperature of the ignition coil. To further improve efficiency, unused spark energy is recycled back to the ignition capacitor reducing the power drawn from the battery. The Single Channel Pro 600 Ignition provides up to 20% additional spark gap energy and a 40% increase in spark duration over other 600 mJ ignitions available in the market.

Additionally, the ignition’s high-efficiency design reduces power demand from the battery, which in turn reduces loads on the wires and connectors. As the Single Channel Pro 600 Ignition is designed for the most challenging applications, it is also capable of continuous full-power operation. The Single Channel Pro 600 Ignition is designed to work with the MSD Power-Grid and can provide firing-by-firing spark current data acquisition. A Diagnostic LED detects the presence of faults – such as an Open Coil Primary, Shorted Coil Primary, Reversed Primary Connections, or Open Coil Secondary-ignition box

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