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OutlawGarage Soap


Outlaw’s Garage Handmade Pumice Soap


For the car enthusiast with true grit comes Outlaw’s newest garage-inspired scent: Outlaw’s Garage. With true-to-life scents of gasoline, motor oil, and exhaust, this isn’t your traditional handmade soap, it’s soap with a kick-start! With naturally gritty pumice and wrapped in a fancy western-inspired wrapper, Outlaw’s Garage Soap is a practical solution for when elbow grease meets actual grease.

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“This particular soap is amazing. It’s really garage mechanic fragrance of oil and grease. Wonderful. Reminds me of an old neighborhood garage my Dad would take me to when I was a youngster. It’s gritty as you wash and dries quickly on an Outlaw wooden soap dish….and leaves my hands tingling! Love it! Thank you Outlaw!” – KJ M, Certified Outlaw

“I make boats and yachts for a living and the dirt, grime, resin, and everything else that gets on my hands daily comes right off with this soap.” – Gregory, Significantly Cleaner Than Before


About Outlaw:

Sparks, Nevada: Founded in 2013 by Russ and Danielle Vincent, Outlaw creates natural, sustainably packaged, ethically produced soap, cologne, body wash, lotion, air fresheners, and more. The Vincents invented products with realistic scents inspired by adventure: campfire, leather, gunpowder, sagebrush, clove, whiskey, and, now, gasoline.

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