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Holley EFI Coyote and Gen III Hemi Smart Coils


Holley EFI Smart Coils are a bolt-in ignition upgrade for your late-model Ford Coyote or Mopar Gen III Hemi engine. Compared to a stock coil, they produce more spark energy while consuming less power without sacrificing voltage output. This means you get a hotter spark at the plug to burn the maximum amount of fuel in each cylinder while using less power from your electrical system. 

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The smart coils are for Coyote or Hemi combinations currently using Holley EFI or Terminator X; use Smart Coil Ignition Harnesses 558-312 & Coil Extension Harnesses 558-326 for a plug and play solution. For new Holley EFI installations on Coyote engines, use with Holley EFI Coyote TI-VCT Main Harness for Smart Coils 558-122 & Smart Coil Ignition Harness 558-312 for a plug and play solution.

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