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Tennessee Abrasive Rottler Type and Sunnen Type Replacement Stones

Tennessee Abrasives offers a variety of Rottler and Sunnen Type Replacement stones for all your honing needs.

Tennessee Abrasive Inc. has been leading the abrasive honing stone industry in abrasive technology since 1986. They are proud to manufacture their products in the USA and strive to provide each and every customer with the highest quality, best performing product at the most affordable price.

Among many products, Tennessee Abrasives offers a complete line of Rottler Type replacement stones. They are compatible (replacement) honing stones and are manufactured to fit your Rottler type machines and tooling. These are available in silicon carbide vitrified bonds, borazon (CBN) and diamond to meet all of your honing needs. All of their honing stones are color coded and available in standard sizes to meet OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) specifications and are manufactured in the USA, and tested with the latest equipment to ensure high quality and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) specifications.



GRIT SIZE                                                  LENGTH 

80-GRIT                                                         3″ & 3.5″ 

140/170                                                         3″ & 3.5″ 

170/200                                                         3″ & 3.5″ 

270/325                                                         3″ & 3.5″ 

325/400                                                         3″ & 3.5″ 

400                                                                3″ & 3.5″ 

500                                                                3″ & 3.5″ 

550                                                                3″ & 3.5″ 

600                                                                3″ & 3.5″ 

CBN 500                                                         3″ & 3.5″ 

CBN 600                                                        3″ & 3.5″ 

Special stones are available.

Tennessee Abrasive Inc. also manufactures a complete line of replacement stone sets for your Sunnen Type machine. These are available in aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, borazon/ cbn, diamond and cubitron.

Visit (www.tennnesseeabrasive.com) for a list of Sunnen Type Replacement Stones along with other products Tennessee Abrasives offers. 

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