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IndyCar’s New 2.4-liter V6 Finally Sees Track Time

IndyCar’s new 2.4-liter V6 engine, due to debut in 2024, has undergone its first track tests using the Formula 1 circuit layout at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. According to IndyCar, the engine was not tested in its final configuration as development is still ongoing, not least because manufacturers are still working on integrating the hybrid system.

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Both Chevrolet and Honda ran at the speedway. Chevrolet reportedly saw great success in in their three days with the news engine, as the initial concept for the 2.4-lite design began a few years back, albeit exclusively tested on the dyno.

Chevrolet engineering program manager for IndyCar Rob Buckner was quoted with saying that “we could race this engine tomorrow, which is the highest praise possible for a new engine.”

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