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Mustang Dynamometer Introduces New Power Motorsport Chassis Dynamometer

Mustang Dynamometer has recently announced the addition of the MD-SXS/UTV chassis dynamometer to its product offering. This new dyno is the ultimate chassis dynamometer for the power motorsport market for servicing side-by-sides, UTV, motorcycles, quad-runners and so much more. This new versatile tuning equipment tool is vital for the growing market of power motorsport products as these vehicles are gaining popularity as well as in some communities achieving street-legal status.

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Mustang’s MD-SXS/UTV Dyno is a specially designed, high-speed, motorcycle/UTV/Side-by-side combination dyno.  The low profile design and eddy current loading features are perfect for precision tuning and diagnostic applications.  The base mechanical inertia of the MD-SXS/UTV is perfectly matched for testing lightweight cycles and quads, while the powerful eddy current power absorption unit provides enough muscle to apply a serious load for steady state testing applications.  Quickly and easily diagnose performance problems, break in engines, perform EFI mapping and much more.

The dynamometer provides 850 hp (559 kW) peak measurement capacity, along with 250 hp (186 kW) peak absorption. The loading device is an air-cooled eddy current power absorber, with an additional motor available as an option for transient testing. The amount of inertia is 394 lbs. (179 kg) MC mode, 671 lbs. (304 kg) UTV/SXS/ATV mode and the maximum speed is 200 mph (322 km/hr).

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