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Gold Eagle Co. & Lubrication Specialties Inc. to Merge

Gold Eagle Co., a family-owned and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, has acquired Lubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI). Ohio-based LSI makes several fuel and oil products for the automotive industry, including the Hot Shot’s Secret brand line.

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Gold Eagle Co. and LSI share a mutual belief in making high-quality products that improve performance for private automotive consumers, heavy-duty truck drivers, RV owners, powersports enthusiasts, and more.

“LSI has always been dedicated to creating high-quality products, and it begins with the way they approach research and development,” said Gold Eagle Co. CEO Marc Blackman. “They have an established record of identifying engine, transmission and fuel system related problems, and then developing cutting edge chemistry to develop best of class solutions.”

Currently, there are over 50 products, fuel and oil additives, specialty oils, coolants, and fluids, that make up the Hot Shot’s Secret line. The brand has high-performing lubricant products and a strong grassroots following in the diesel community.


Gold Eagle Co. has the resources necessary to expand Hot Shot’s Secret into new distribution channels around the world. As a single operating unit, more customers will gain access to LSI’s products, which are proven to increase fuel economy, improve horsepower, generate more torque, and help drivers save thousands on engine repairs.

“I think the combined entities will benefit both companies in a myriad of ways to further grow our business,” said Blackman. “We have operational synergies that complement each other well, and we each believe in a people-centric culture.” 

LSI CEO Chris Gabrelcik echoed a similar sentiment saying, “Gold Eagle will be a strong strategic partner that will help us scale to our fullest potential and allow us the freedom to continue making the best products money can buy.”


The merger will not lead to downsizing or significant changes for the LSI team. All 71 employees will retain their respective roles and position LSI for future growth in the local Morrow County economy. The LSI executive team will work closely with Gold Eagle Co.’s senior management in Chicago, but it will be business as usual for LSI’s staff and middle management.

“Together we have the resources and operational bandwidth to make Hot Shot’s Secret a household name, here and abroad,” said Gabrelcik. “This is an exciting development for Lubrication Specialties Inc. and the Hot Shot’s Secret brand, and we are all looking forward to the next chapter.”


The strategic acquisition of LSI inclusive of the Hot Shot’s Secret product brand was completed July 1. Details of the agreement will not be publicly disclosed. 

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