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Turbo Charging Kit


Nitrous Supply Nitrous Charging Kit


Mike Thermos and his team at Nitrous Supply have been working with leading forced induction racers to improve performance through adding a shot of nitrous into the intake tract. This increases performance and eliminates turbo “lag.” It’s ideal for both drag racing and drifting.

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The injection of N2O does three things. First, it significantly cools the air/fuel intake charge by some 60 degrees, with the denser, cooler mixture translating into more power —it’s like having a “super intercooler.” Secondly, the oxygen molecules in the nitrous —when complimented with extra fuel—produce more power. Finally, the significant increase in exhaust pressure allows the turbo to spool up quicker and with more force. It’s a win, win, win situation.

Nitrous Supply offers an economical “Nitrous Charging” kit that consists of a 10 lb. capacity aluminum bottle, Hi-Flow bottle valve, 14’ of braided stainless steel hose, a solenoid and bracket, system arming switch, activation button and wiring, nozzle (available for both “wet” and “dry” setups), three appropriate jets, solenoid-to-nozzle line plus a nozzle bung kit to facilitate installation. The system retails for under $400.


For additional information call 714-373-1986 or visit Located at 15552 Producer Lane in Huntington Beach, CA, the company also offers nitrous bottle refills, system flow testing and evaluation, plus manifold plumbing services.

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