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King’s Can-Am X3 Race Bearings

King Engine Bearings has introduced the first Can-Am race bearings designed especially for Can-Am race needs.

Given such high demand from end-users and prominent automotive professionals, King developed performance bearings for the Can-Am X3 off-road application: the first of many to come. As part of King’s Powersport line, these all-new Can-Am race bearings are made with King high-performance XPC material composed of King’s innovative XP material designed specifically for high loads. Moreover, the King pMaxKote™ polymer layer enables improved embeddability of dust and small particles and better seizure resistance: crucial features in the ATV/UTV racing environment.

In sharing her excitement about this new product, King VP of Sales Limor Karpatkin said, “Last SEMA we got many requests to produce bearings for Can-Am. I am glad we are able to introduce main and con-rod bearings for this challenging engine in less than a year.”

King will also display the brand-new 2023-24 Racing Application Guide, timed precisely for unveiling at the SEMA 2022 show. This updated version showcases King’s performance and racing products and variants for diverse applications including diesel performance, powersports, Alpha GTR line, etc.

Visitors are welcomed to visit the King booth to obtain more information about our bearings range and for treats courtesy of the King team.

Have questions about our range of coated bearing solutions or seeking an “inside edge”? We are happy to help and will look forward to meeting you at the King SEMA Booth #24429 in the Central Hall!

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