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New Fuel Rail Products From Radium Engineering

Radium Engineering has released several new products over the last two months. Take a look below to see what's new. All products are in stock and available for purchase right now.

Fuel Rails for Subaru H6 Engines

Radium Engineering has released a family of fuel rails for the Subaru EG33, EZ30 and EZ36 six-cylinder engines. These engines are becoming popular swap choices for people wanting to make more power with larger displacement.

Like other Radium Engineering fuel rails, these new fuel rails feature 8AN ORB ports, anodized finish and stainless steel hardware. They also have an extra port that can be used for a pressure sensor/gauge, or a fuel pulse damper. These fuel rails can be plumbed in parallel or series configuration.

The Radium fuel rails are designed to use top feed injectors. The fuel rail for the EG33 converts from side feed injectors to top feed style using the included injector seats. The fuel rails are also compatible with aftermarket fuel injectors.

Top-Speed Fuel Rail for Mazda 26B 4-Rotor Engines

4-Rotor rotary engines are becoming more common and Radium is now offering a CNC machined primary fuel rail to suite these high-revving powerplants. The fuel rail features 8AN ORB ports and is designed to use top-feed fuel injectors.

Fuel Rails for Toyota/Lexus V6 Engines

Adding to the ever-expanding fuel rail offering, Radium Engineering has released two new fuel rails for Toyota applications.

After working on some special projects using the Toyota V6 engines, Radium Engineering decided to offer a fuel rail for the 1GR-FE and 2GR-FSE engines. The 1GR-FE engine is found in the Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser and more. The 2GR-FST engine is found in many Lexus products. These fuel rails are perfect for creating a custom fuel system when using these engines in a high performance application.

Toyota JZX Catch Can Kit

Radium Engineering has released a single catch can kit for the Toyota Chaser, Cresta and Mark II JDM vehicles. These are also commonly referred to as JZX chassis vehicles.

This single catch can is installed in the corner of the engine bay, which allows the installation to be unaffected by engine swaps. It comes with fittings and 3/8″ hose for connection to the engine. This kit features Radium’s newest FLUID LOCK® catch can design.

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