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Triple-Turbo 5.9L Super Stock Cummins Engine

Jayden Litman is a 16 year old out to prove she has what it takes to compete with the men of the Super Stock pulling class. Helping her beat the boys is a truck named Somethin to Prove and a triple-turbo 5.9L billet Cummins engine built by Scheid Diesel.

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There’s plenty to see on the show floor of PRI. But, not all of the action is reserved for the middle aisles. Sometimes, you need to visit booths on the outer edges of the floor plan, and you’ll be treated to something special. We were walking the outer aisles at the 2023 show when we came across the USA East Sled Pulling booth and Jayden Litman and her giant, pink pulling truck called Somethin to Prove, which features a triple-turbo 5.9L Cummins engine. We got to chat with Jayden and a member of her crew, Shawn Hodges, to get the details about the truck and its Cummins engine.

Jayden Litman Cummins engine

Before we got into the specifics on the pulling truck and the 5.9L Cummins build, we got to spend a minute getting to know Jayden Litman – she’s just 16 and has her eyes on being one of the best pullers out there, despite her age and gender. Hence, her truck’s Somethin to Prove moniker.

“I’ve been pulling for three years, but this is my first year with this truck,” Litman told us. “My dad got me started in truck pulling. He built me an open street truck, which is just something you can drive on the road and truck pull at the same time. From there, we just kept working our way up and got to this point. I named the truck Somethin to Prove because it’s a male-dominated sport and I’m trying to show young people and women that they can do as much as a man can do.”

5.9L Cummins engine

Helping ensure Jayden’s truck remains in tip-top shape is Shawn Hodges, who does much of the truck’s and engine’s maintenance and repair work.

“The engine is a 5.9L-based Cummins Scheid billet aluminum block,” Hodges says. “It’s swinging a billet crank, billet R&R rods, and Diamond pistons. It has a custom billet head from Scheid Diesel. We primarily do all the work ourselves between Jayden’s father and I, and my son helps out a lot with it.

triple turbo Cummins engine

“The engine also has DT injectors going through it. We run an 18mm billet pump and then three 4.1 chargers. Conservatively, we’re probably pushing 3,000 to 3,200 horsepower where we’ve got it set right now. Jayden seems to do really good with that horsepower number. We’re slowly giving her more to go with, but she’s done really good this year.

“We also run Jesel rockers in the engine, and we run a roller cam system with Cam FX lifters. A lot of the stuff is new to the diesel world, but we’ve incorporated it for pulling just for reliability and easy maintenance.”

Super Stock pulling truck

According to Hodges, the truck does not run a transmission, but rather just a reverser one gear. Jayden does her gear changes through the drop box, so the team gets to the track, makes their adjustments, set their gear and the tires, and they’re rolling.

“I leave at about 4,500 rpm, and usually after that I just pull off the clutch a little bit and let the truck sit down,” Litman says. “You can feel it. The truck will just slowly start to go down and once it starts digging, you just hammer into it.”

triple turbos

Hodges told us that the 5.9L Cummins recently made a switch to the triple turbos, but previously ran a different turbo set up, which meant Jayden had to adapt to a change in how to drive it.

“Jayden historically ran the other street truck, which was a big single, and so she walked into the triple setup, which you’ve got to learn to drive, and she’s done really good with it,” he says. “We did a couple test passes at the shop and then we put her into our first event with 15 or 16 trucks in the class. She won it. Right out of the gate, we came storming at ‘em. The triples seem to just do a little better – more drivability and manage the power better through the track. We’ve stuck with that on this one and it’s done really, really well.”

Somethin to Prove

On the triple-turbo setup, Jayden’s Cummins engine typically sees 130-150-lbs. of boost, which keeps her in the ballpark of 2,800-3,100 horsepower.

“It’s all dependent on track conditions, how much pressure we have in the tires, what gear we’re running in the truck, and all of that comes into play at every event we go to,” Hodges notes. “Jayden’s crew chief is actually my daughter and they work through that together. We get to an event, and the first thing they do is look at the track and set the truck up accordingly, but she has a very, very reliable power plant. We ran all last summer just doing general maintenance and oil changes. We pulled the truck in the shop before PRI and pulled the engine out, refreshed it and put it all back together. The Cummins-based stuff is just phenomenal.”

pulling truck Cummins engine

As Jayden continues to get experience behind the wheel of her Super Stock pulling truck, she told us she’s gotten to know more of the nuances between her truck now and what she used to compete in.

“The biggest adjustments are with the hand throttle and using the clutch is definitely a big one,” Litman admits. “You just have to time it just right.”

With the horsepower these engines generate, drivers have to walk a fine line to get the truck out of the hole and set to go down the track. Hodges says Jayden has done a fantastic job just learning the ABCs, so-to-speak, and is now building off of that.

5.9L Cummins engine

“We had a stellar year this year and we’re really looking forward to next year,” he says. “Both families are big pulling families, so it’s been a really great year.”

With one year of Super Stock under her belt, Jayden has her sights set on some lofty goals, which again, her truck Somethin to Prove is a symbol for.

“I would like to be top three in Kentucky just to show that I can do it,” she says.

Jayden Litman

With Jayden’s early success, there’s a lot of people who have eyes on her and are watching what she’s doing, so her team is pretty excited for what the future may hold. We know we’ll be keeping tabs on her pulling season in 2024 and beyond.

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