Pablo Aguilera, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Testing Rebuilt Power Steering Components: The “Zero Defect” System

Defective returns. These two words have many undesirable connotations to the power steering rebuilder. Starting with a replacement part request, other claims could be forthcoming. These range from labor for removal and reinstallation, which can sometimes exceed three hours, to and including alignment, possible towing charges, rental car and even product liability expenses. These claims

Power Steering Pumps and Gearboxes

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplacethe quest for additional profits is of paramount importance notonly for continued growth and success, but for the survival ofthe company itself. This is particularly true for undercarriagespecialists such as CV axle and rack-and-pinion rebuilders. Niche market diversification can accomplisheconomic and strategic objectives that will not only improve the"profitable" cash flow