Glen Beanard, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Shop Management: What is a Shop Foreman?

A few years ago, it seemed that nearly every shop had a foreman.However, over the years I’ve noticed that the foreman position has beendissolved. Little by little, shops have gotten away from having aforeman and simply have a manager with direct control over thetechnicians. Why? Is it to “downsize” and save the costs associatedwith this

Tech Tips for 2004 and Up Ford F-150 Engines

Abold new look and some subtle changes probably best describe the2004-and-up Ford F-150. To the installer/engine builder, it is the subtle changesthat he or she needs to be aware of. Spark Plugs Watchout when changing the spark plugs on the 5.4L three-valve engine foundin 2004-and-up F-150 and 2005-and-up Expedition and Navigator (see Photo 1). Firstof