Harold Bettes, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Race Engines Roar in Charlotte

Inaugural Challenge Brings Out The Best in Competitors and Combinations It may have been unseasonably warm in Charlotte, but engines (and builders) from around the country stayed cool under pressure as they were pushed to their limits in the inaugural Race Engine Challenge presented by VP Racing Fuels and Lubricants. After multiple days of pulls,

Understanding Dyno Numbers’ Place in Your Business

It is very difficult to cover all of what you need to know about dyno testing in an article of this length, but perhaps I can take a swing at nailing some of the critical information down. Dyno testing is an important part of engine development programs and can provide an improvement in quality control

To Dyno or Not To Dyno…That is the Question

The word dynamometer is defined in the dictionary as: Dynamometer (Dy – Na –mom – e – ter) – any number of devices for force measurement or measurement of mechanical power. The word comes from the Greek (dunamis – force) + (metron – measurement) and dynamometers might seem more like Greek than anything else until