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New Man In The Driver’s Seat

Incoming AERA Chairman Profile: Ed

Knees In The Breeze: Motorcycles…It

If you listen close, you can hear the approaching thunder. It

Selling To The Price Shopper: How Far Should You Go?

The things you overhear on crowded buses! While attending two recent rebuilding conventions, I had the opportunity to discuss many of the industry

Restoration Review 1999: The Engine Restoration Market Is Healthier Than Ever

By all accounts, the engine restoration market is healthier than ever. According to the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA), retail restoration expenditures accounted for over $933 million in 1998, an increase of almost 10% over 1997. Even more impressive is the fact that these figures don

1999 Machine Shop Of The Year Award Winner: Metric Automotive Engineering Ltd

Each year, the staff at Automotive Rebuilder magazine recognizes one machine shop that displays business practices that go above and beyond the norm. This year, along with input from the Engine Rebuilders Association (AERA), we have selected Metric Automotive Engineering (Pty) Ltd., from Germiston South, Republic of South Africa. Metric was chosen from numerous entries

There’s No Crankshaft In A Search Engine: Internet Opportunities For Automotive Engine Rebuilders

Surfing the net for fun is one thing. Using it as a tool to grow your business is another. Recently we talked to machine shop owners, as well as a few suppliers, to get their take on Internet opportunities for automotive engine rebuilders. Machine shop Internet usage According to Babcox Publications

Training: Measuring Up The Machine Shop Talent Pool

Bet you a nickel the first person to say "good help is hard to find" was a machine shop owner. It