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IPD Friction Welded Pistons for Caterpillar C27 Engines

IPD has announced the availability of the latest friction welded design pistons for Caterpillar C27 engine applications. IPD Steel friction welded pistons for C27 are the most up-to-date design and are superior to older 1-piece versions.

EPWI Adds FiTech Fuel Injection Product Line

Engine & Performance Warehouse has announced it has added FiTech Fuel Injection to its line card of quality vendors. FiTech Fuel Injection is dedicated to engineering, developing, and producing advanced and affordable electronic fuel injection systems.

Nominations are Open for SEMA News 35 Under 35

For the fifth consecutive year, SEMA News is looking to highlight top-tier talent in the automotive aftermarket industry age 35 and younger. If you know a leader in that age range as of September 1, 2017—whether they’re in manufacturing and design, marketing, retail, events and media, or distribution—SEMA News would like to hear from you.

Motor State Distributing Adds the DeatschWerks Product Line

DeatschWerks, LLC manufacturers’ high-flow drop-in fitment fuel injectors and in-tank electric fuel pumps for both Modern Muscle and Sport Compact vehicles.

Motovicity – PRI 2016

Brett Kinsfather of Motovicity Distribution and Cody Loveland of Love Fab talk about the Enviate Hypercar taken to Pikes Peak and future plans to make more of those vehicles, as well as a new engine build coming for 2017.

SAKOR Technologies Celebrates 30th Anniversary

SAKOR Technologies, Inc., a maker of high-performance dynamometer systems, has announced its 30th anniversary in business. The company has grown from a two-person firm writing real-time software for other companies’ test systems to an industry leader developing and manufacturing its own control systems and sophisticated testing products.

MEYLE Crankshaft Sealing Flanges

Sealing flange modules are important to ensure effective sealing at the engine crankshaft. They are also used to capture the engine speed and crankshaft position, and to determine both the injection and the ignition point controlled by the engine timing unit.

WD-40 Specialist Greases

Because using the right grease for the job can prevent expensive equipment damage, WD-40 Company has introduced WD-40 Specialist Greases, a family of convenient solutions for automotive, construction and farming professionals dealing with a variety of specialized lubrication challenges.

Avoiding Workplace Accidents

You’re probably not going to cry over a little spilled paint, but will you or someone else in the shop literally take the fall for a co-worker’s carelessness? The list of situations that can cause injuries is long: spilled paint, oil and grease; polished floors; loose matting and uneven walking surfaces; cluttered walkways and large

Top Tips To Maximize Fastener Performance

By Robert Florine, President, ARP Fasteners We know that fasteners hold an engine together. And that fasteners play a critical role in an engine’s reliability – especially when engines are pushed to higher performance levels. How then do we get the most out of them? At ARP, we work closely with leading race teams (Formula

Bradley S. Norton Named CEO of Federal-Mogul Motorparts

The Board of Directors of Federal-Mogul Holdings LLC, has named Bradley S. Norton as co-chief executive officer of the company and chief executive officer of its Motorparts division, effective March 8, 2017. Rainer Jueckstock will remain as co-chief executive officer of Federal-Mogul Holdings LLC and CEO of Federal-Mogul Powertrain. Norton has more than 25 years

New Silver Spark Plug Is Colder Than Factory For Fords

Modified Fords used for racing applications now have access to unprecedented temperature range spark plugs. The Brisk Silver Racing XOR10S Spark Plug is 3 heat ranges colder than the factory spark plug in the 2008 – 2010 Ford 3-Valve engines. “Silver is the best conductor of any metal; it conducts 276% more electricity & 177% more heat