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Popular Engine Swaps

Engine swaps belong in a world of their own. After a little digging, you can find multitudes of ingenious swap ideas, whether it be small block to big block, diesel to gas, or many other combinations.

Honda engines have been a popular choice for engine swap enthusiasts since the early 90s due to their power and dependability.
International Engine Parts

Currently in the U.S., Yella Terra only sells their roller rockers, with a couple specific markets that stand out.

A Look Inside Race Cast Engineering

Race Cast Engineering provides engineering and manufacturing services while also producing their own products.

G&R Diesel – Engine Builder Profile

G&R Diesel first opened in 2008 working on class 8 trucks, but with a strong market and the growing popularity of diesel pickup trucks, it wasn’t long until they added diesel performance to their list of services.

Diesel Transmissions – Geared Up to Handle the Power

When we build a transmission unit, we always try to figure out what the customer uses it for, what their horsepower goal is and what they are going to be doing. We build the transmission to handle their ultimate goal.

Is the PWC Market Still Making Waves?

The strength of the PWC market in recent years has been reflected by new models the OEs continue to crank out, and with every new model that hits the water, there’s market opportunity that follows with service and repair.

Visit Lake George and Performance Marine

Today, Performance Marine is a full-service repair facility, offering a number of boating services and also includes the company’s high-performance business known as Saris Racing Engines.

Street and Drag Racing Transmissions

In today’s world, racing and street-driven vehicles are blending together in the same category, with street-driven vehicles yielding more power than ever imagined. These vehicles require drivetrains that can handle the extreme power and for those reasons, you’ve got to put more “green” in the transmission.

Engine Refresh Season

Turn-around time for a complete engine refresh varies, depending on their workload and also the parts they need.

Who Needs a Boost?

We’ve figured out how to utilize all the common power adders – turbochargers, superchargers and nitrous – to an efficient extent. We also know all too well the strain they put on engines and how we need to build one for it to hold together when we unleash the unnatural aspiration we so often desire.

Talking Gaskets and Seals with the Pros

Modern engines have taken us a long way from traditional gasket and seal design, and advancements in the technology and composition of rubber as well as advancements in molding processes have brought sealing capabilities to a new level.

Choosing an Automatic Transmission for Your LS Swap

Here’s a list of the main players and a quick rundown of GM’s transmission timeline, all suitable for an LS engine.