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Pat Musi All-Billet 903 cid Pro Mod Engine

Developed off of Pat Musi’s now infamous 959 cid engine platform, this 903 cid Pro Mod build is for a customer in Sweden. Hear what goes into an awesome race engine such as this from Pat Musi himself in this episode of Engine of the Week.

Billet Triple-Turbo 6.4L Cummins Super Stock Engine

During a recent visit to Scheid Diesel, we got to see what goes on in the Terre Haute, IN-based engine and machine shop. We also got a deep dive on the details of a $150,000, billet, triple-turbo, 6.4L Cummins Super Stock engine build. It’s the pinnacle of Scheid Diesel builds, so don’t miss what’s in and on this engine.

Naturally Aspirated 540 cid Big Block Chevy Engine

After having issues with an engine built elsewhere, a customer came to H Squared Racing Engines to build him a streetcar combo. Utilizing an existing block and crank, H Squared was given the freedom to spec the rest of the engine. Check out the result!

Naturally Aspirated 800+ HP 540 cid Big Block Chevy Engine

We got a chance to visit with our pal Halston Harrist of H Squared Racing Engines in Houston, TX earlier in the year. Not only did he show us around the shop, but we got to hear the details of one of his latest engine builds – a 540 cubic inch big block Chevy that’ll

H Squared big block Chevy engine
Bugs, Tar and Rubber Be Gone! Try AMSOIL’s Mudslinger

Anyone with a car or truck has certainly experienced an onslaught of bugs on the grill or road tar around the vehicle, and for those who visit the track, rubber on the quarter panels. AMSOIL’s Mudslinger was designed for off-road powersport applications, but has been known to help in these other circumstances. Check out this

AMSOIL Mudslinger
Escaping the Houston Heat at H Squared Racing Engines

This past fall, we got to spend a few days in the Houston, TX area visiting engine shops. One of our first stops was to our old pal Halston Harrist and his shop H Squared Racing Engines. Over the past 13 years, H Squared has become a major player in the Houston area. Check out

H Squared Racing Engines
ProCharged Billet V-Twin Hemi Engine

Known well for the shop’s 4.8 and 4.9 bore space Hemi platforms, Noonan Race Engineering took those lessons learned and recently applied them to an all-billet ProCharged V-Twin Hemi engine for nitro motorcycle applications. You don’t want to miss what’s inside this engine!

Holley’s CEO Matthew Stevenson on Where Holley Goes Next

Taking over the President and CEO role for Holley in June 2023, Matthew Stevenson has big plans for the performance component giant. He brings a diverse background with him and a desire to go further and deeper for Holley’s brands and customers. Check out the full conversation in this latest Industry Insiders episode!

Noonan’s ProCharged Billet V-Twin Engine

Noonan Race Engineering in Spartanburg, SC is well-known for the shop’s billet engine work on platforms such as Hemis, LS, V10 Lamborghinis, Porsches, and even Hondas. Now, the engine and machine shop has added V-twin engines to the list, and this thing is incredibly cool, and mimics the shop’s core Hemi design. It’s our newest

ProCharged Billet V-Twin engine from Noonan Race Engineering
ProCharged 557 cid Big Block Chevy Engine

This is one of the most popular engine combinations at PAR Racing Engines. Built from 540 cid to 588 cid, this ProCharged 557 cid big block Chevy is a proven setup for Top Sportsman, Top Dragster and even drag-and-drive applications. Check out what makes this such a great build!

Reasons to Change Your Differential Fluid

In our previous episode of AMSOIL Garage, we covered the topic of brake fluid. Similar to that fluid and the lack of understanding surrounding changing that fluid, differentials fall into a similar category. The differential is out of sight and out of mind, so people tend to think the diff is filled for life. That’s

PAR Racing Engines’ 557 cid Big Block Chevy Engine

When we made a visit to PAR Racing Engines in Spartanburg, SC, shop owner Scott Duggins had a few engines to show us such as this 557 cubic inch big block Chevy engine he was getting ready to assemble. We got the details of the build in this episode of Engine of the Week!