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2022 Don Ridler Winner “SHO Bird” – ’31 Chevy with Twin-Turbo 509 W Series BBC Engine

Recently, the Piston Powered Autorama took place in Cleveland, OH, which is our backyard at Engine Builder Mag. We walked the show floor and came across this 1931 Chevy nicknamed SHO Bird. The custom-built car, owned by Rick Bird, had just come off winning the 2022 Don Ridler award at the Detroit Autorama, and you

Hydrogen-Powered, Zero Emissions, Supercharged LS3 Engine

Zero emission vehicles are all the rage right now. However, if you’re into performance, the idea of not hearing an engine roar is gut-wrenchingly painful. Thankfully, guys like Mike Copeland exist. Mike’s companies, Diversified Creations and Arrington Performance, recently developed a supercharged LS3 engine that runs on hydrogen with zero emissions. Check it out!

Mike Copeland’s Hydrogen-Powered Supercharged LS3 Engine

Any time we get a chance to speak with Mike Copeland of Diversified Creations and Arrington Performance, we get excited to learn what new build he’s been working on. One of his newest was this hydrogen-powered and supercharged LS3 build for his wife’s 1948 Chevy pickup.

Justin Zeigler’s 3,336-HP Record-Breaking 6.7L Cummins-Based Enforcer Engine

We’re fortunate that Justin Zeigler’s diesel shop, Zeigler Diesel Performance, is down the road from us in Ohio. As such, we’ve gotten to know Justin well over the years, so it was extra special when he recently broke the horsepower/dyno record at the 2022 Ultimate Callout Challenge on his way to a repeat overall victory.

One-on-One with QA1’s Melissa Scoles

Engine Builder sat down with Melissa Scoles, president of QA1, to talk about what the high-performance suspension and driveline company has been up to in recent years, including a brand new headquarters.

“Organ Grinder” Hot Rod Features 454 Big Block Chevy Engine

This hot rod isn’t flashy, but it certainly earns points for cool factor. Dubbed the “Organ Grinder,” this 1930 Ford Model A has a 454 big block Chevy stuffed between the frame rails. Check it out!

Organ Grinder – 454 Big Block Chevy Engine

After watching Reggie Moore pop wheelies off the line during Sick Week, we had to know what he had in his 1930 Ford Model A hot rod… check out this 454 big block.

Turbocharged Gen III Hemi Engine

As a Chrysler guy, Bob Hess always wanted to put a Gen III Hemi into a Ford. When he got this 1982 Mustang as a roller, he worked alongside Big 3 Racing to turn it into a formidable drag car and street car. Check out what makes this Hemi special!

Turbocharged Gen III Hemi-Powered 1982 Ford Mustang

We couldn’t just walk past this gorgeous 1982 Ford Mustang without taking a few extra looks at it, and upon closer inspection, we found out it has a Gen III Hemi engine stuffed inside. Turns out owner Bob Hess is a Chrysler guy and has always wanted to put a Hemi in a Ford, so

Boosted Diesels: Inside Turbo Systems and Nitrous Combos

There’s nothing more satisfying than a good turbo system…

Diesel Turbo Systems
Coveted Shop Space: Do You Have Enough?

Everyone needs more space, especially overcrowded engine shops.

Shop Space
98mm Twin-Turbo 572 cid SMX Engine

After keeping his 1993 wagon stashed away for the past nine years, when Steve Morris of Steve Morris Engines was ready to race again, he knew the wagon needed something special. Steve gave it a full Pro Mod chassis and one of his twin-turbo 572 cid SMX engine setups! Check out this awesome billet engine!