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Compound Turbo 6.5L Cummins Engine

Looking to make waves on the diesel performance scene, Ken Bruner of Capital Diesel Performance recently built this compound turbo 6.5L Cummins engine to compete in drag racing, dyno competitions and truck pulling. Find out what went into this diesel build!

Super Stock 6.7L-Based Cummins Engine

When it comes to O’Bryant Diesel Service’s diesel truck pulling engines, the builds they do for the Super Stock class make more power than can even be used! Find out what goes into this 3,400-horsepower Super Stock 6.7L-based Cummins build.

612 cid Blown Big Block Chevy Engine

Looking for the ultimate in reliability and durability on 93 octane, Hardcore Horsepower built this 612 cid big block Chevy engine with a 10-71 blower and Fast EFI to the tune of 1,000 horsepower. Find out what else went into this build.

Twin-Turbo 427 cid LT Engine

When one of Modern Airflow Dynamics’ best customers came to the shop looking to upgrade the engine in his 2016 C7 Z06 #Corvette, the engine shop built him this twin-turbo 427 cid LT.

Compound Turbo 6.4L Powerstroke Engine

Kody Garrison says the 6.4L Powerstroke is his favorite engine, and it must be, because this compound turbo 6.4L is the third 6.4L he has put in his 2008 F250. Find out what makes this build more special than the last two.

Evo Wagon – Turbocharged Evo 9 Engine

When Raw Power Motorworks owner, Jeffrey Velazquez, got his hands on a rare Evo Wagon, he of course set his sights on making it the fastest wagon there is. The goal is to make this turbocharged Evo 9 engine an 8-second, 1/4-mile, 1,000-hp monster.

Honda’s B Series and K20, K24 and K20C1 Engines

A few of Honda’s engines stand out when it comes to building performance vehicles – the B series engines and its K20 and K24 engines.

Industry Insiders – Leah Pruett, Don Schumacher Racing

We caught up with Leah Pruett at the 2019 SEMA Show to talk about her path to becoming a driver in the upper echelon of drag racing and what keeps her motivated to be the best driver out there – male or female.

Mitsubishi’s 4G63 and 4B11 Engines

Whether a customer has a 4G63 or the 4B11 engine, they are both great options for many different performance applications.

Subaru EJ Engines

Of all the engines in the EJ series, two are clear standouts when it comes to rebuilding for performance applications – the EJ257 and EJ207.

Import Intrigue

Whether it’s with Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mazda, Nissan, Porsche, or something else, you’d be amazed at the horsepower levels being achieved.

3.6 Class Duramax Pulling Engine

When a customer’s pulling truck caught fire and caused some engine damage, Baillie Diesel got to work putting this 3.6 class Duramax engine back together. Find out what went into the rebuild.