Ric Havel, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
The Latest in TIG Welding Techniques & Equipment

Like the swallows coming back to Capistrano, the monarch butterflies finding the same wintering site in Mexico generation after generation or the buzzards returning faithfully to Hinckley, OH, in my neck of the woods, I am back with an annual March update on TIG welding in general and welding aluminum cylinder heads and other engine

TIG Welding Opportunities: Working Magic In Cylinder Head Emergencies

Is there a machine in your shop that can be said to work magic? Not only can it fill cracks and repair broken castings, it has the power to create profits, restore power and turn back the hands of time. You might call it a TIG welder, but many of your most desperate customers will

Welding: Why weld aluminum?

As we are all aware, many of the components of the engines our industry remanufactures utilize this "mystery" metal. It first started with manifolds, then cylinder heads, timing covers, oil pans, lower main bearing girdles and finally blocks and all accessory mounting brackets. Don