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Aqua Allisons – Part 1

The Allison engines were used just about every imaginable way. First, they were used as a single engine, then combined as a pair of them, and even three or four of them-all on a single vehicle. Since their development and release in aircraft in 1930, engine builders following WWII began to pry more power out of them and the rest is history.

Going Hohl School

During the 1950s and ‘60s, building and tuning a performance race engine was a different world from today. It was definitely more of a hands-on situation where the feel, sound and smell of an engine were important tools of early engine builders.

Modified Ford Model Bs

It was known as the Model B engine and was produced for only four years beginning in 1932. Sporting only four cylinders, it was basically an upgrade of the earlier Model A powerplant. The “B” engine sported an impressive 200 cubic inches of displacement. Its compression ratio was a super-low 4.9-1. The paltry 50 horses it produced came at about 2,200 RPMs. The engine certainly didn’t appear likely to be a candidate for upgrading, but that wouldn’t be the case.

Enthusiasts Set Sights on Wilmington Mile Records

In the December issue of Engine Builder, our cover feature examined the unique one-of-one engine build-ups to maximize performance in all-out speed runs. The article also noted the presence of a new land-speed location at the former DHL facility at the Wilmington, Ohio airport. The  super-smooth 9,000-foot runway is perfect for this high-speed activity and

Mopar Muscle is the Name of the Game

Ask any Mopar aficionado around the Midwest, “Who is the guy to go to if it has anything to do with a Hemi power plant?” And the answer which will probably be uttered is Tony DePillo and his Specialty Motorwerkes Company located in the Dayton, Ohio area. He does it all, from a speed shop owner, a

Ford’s Famous Flathead V8

It was special in so many ways. First of all, it was the first V8 engine for the Ford line of cars. Nobody could imagine the effects it would have on the racing and hot rod world in the years to come. Even in its stock trim, it was a gutty little powerplant, but it would

Growing a Reputation in the Dirt

For late-model stock car engine builders back in the day, it was a different time and a different place. During the 1960s and up until the late 1970s, there were no professional engine builders where a race-ready motor could be purchased. Just ask Morgan Chandler, an inductee of the National Dirt Late Model (NDLM) Hall

Land Speed Racing Takes Flight

The East Coast Timing Association (ECTA) might be a mystery to some motorsports fans. For nearly 20 years, its vehicle and motorcycle racing venues have been held at two defunct airports east of the Mississippi. But those in the know will tell you that the Speed Trials group is one of a number of automotive land

Sassy Engines Builds Attitude

Knox family has success from drag racing to tractor pulling with Hemi engine power for 45 years Located in the quiet countryside of Weare, NH, is an engine shop that for over 30 years has been building some of the most powerful Hemi engines in the competitive world of truck and tractor pulling. Sassy Racing

Q&A With Dirt Late Model Engine Builders

Fact: There are more than 700 dirt tracks in this country and a vast number of them have some type of a Dirt Late Model (DLM) series. Some even have multiple DLM classes.   In addition, there are dozens of traveling series headed by the top-gun Lucas and World of Outlaw groups. They support a

Automotive-Powered Inboard Hydroplanes

They’re fast, have power aplenty, can turn on a dime, and throw a huge column of water behind them. They’re called Inboard Hydroplanes and are one of the most exciting motorsports shows on water with their automotive powerplants. The Inboard Hydroplane The looks of these boats spell speed with fighter aircraft aerodynamics on both the

High Octane Educations

In October, you learned about the teachers at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, OH, involved in the school’s High Performance program. This one-year certification program provides hands-on, certified automotive training for skilled entry-level positions in automotive dealerships, independent garages and motorsports and other auto-related industries. Its auto department is recognized as a leader in training