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2010 Machine Shop Market Profile Part 1

Of course, Hollywood is always making predictions about the future that don’t come true. Where are the colonies on the Moon??Cures for all major diseases?  And what about those flying cars we’ve been promised? This being real life, bold predictions can be fun to anticipate, but it’s the little changes that often have the biggest

A View From The Summit

Though they have no moving parts, weigh virtually nothing and rarely, if ever, are seen by the motoring public, the engine bearing may be one of the most important yet least understood parts under the hood. In this spirit, we invited participants from the leading bearing manufacturers to participate in a roundtable discussion on pre-determined

Chrysler 3.3L/3.8L Labor Costing Study

First introduced as a family back in 1990, these engines have been upgraded and improved to provide good torque for the necessary applications, reasonable fuel economy and a reputation for durability and appropriate performance. Both have iron blocks and aluminum heads and since 2001 have been used nearly exclusively in Chrysler’s FWD?lineup, powering the Dodge

High Tech Cleaning Options

Yet while machining tolerances and performance expectations have changed dramatically over the past few decades, when it comes to getting parts clean, many of those high-tech shops struggle with the same technology they used 30 years ago. The simple fact is, times have changed for parts cleaning, and so have the methods. Engine builders have

The More Things Change…

One of the things we editorial-types like best is hearing from you, our readers. Obviously, we can’t talk with each one of you in person during the week, so it’s always a treat when someone comes up to me at a trade show or business convention and lets me know they appreciate receiving Engine Builder

Diesel Crankshaft Basics

The crankshaft turns this linear motion into a rotating motion that provides power to move a vehicle forward, operate generators or otherwise give measurable activity. Whether in a gasoline or diesel-powered engine, the crankshaft is a key component. With diesels, the crank is typically thought of as bigger, heavier and harder to get in the

Balance of Power

Everyone is looking for balance in their lives – balance between work and family, between responsibility and recreation, between give and take. Too much of one at the expense of the other can lead to dire consequences. The same thing can be said about the engines you rebuild. Balance between the crankshaft and its related

Cleaning: Different Methods for Different Needs

Back in the late 1800s, the director of the U.S. Patent Office was said to remark “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Charles Duell, U.S. Patent Commissioner in 1899 reportedly told the President of the United States that there was no more innovation and, therefore, no more need for the patent office. Except

Boosting Performance – Nitrous, Superchargers and Turbochargers

From the budget six-cylinders that get 300 hp and 28 mpg for less than $25,000 to the 600 hp Viper V10 to the 630 hp Corvette ZR1 for just over $100,000, the performance market is deep and wide. “It’s amazing, the horsepower potential that these cars are coming with off the factory floor,” says Frank

A Winning Pair

The Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association (APRA) and the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) will both be holding their annual expositions at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas prior to the AAPEX and SEMA Shows. Combining the two shows – APRA’s The BIG R Show and  ATRA’s Powertrain Expo – into one all-encompassing exhibit

Mysterious Processes, Proven Results

While cryogenics – the technology for producing and using cold in a variety of ways – saw significant achievements in technology and applications in the latter half of the twentieth century?(and continuing, of course, today), scientists have been developing ways to make things colder and colder since the late 1800s. The successful process of liquifying

Building to Race, Racing to Win

Building championship-caliber engines isn’t a new concept to Jeff Williams. Since he started building his first stroker 302 Ford at age 14, the West Texas native/Southern California transplant has been looking for ways to go faster than his competition. These days, that’s often a very challenging assignment. But more on THAT in a minute. “I’ve