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Final Wrap: May

In Las Vegas, a city where being lucky is more important than being good, AERA Expo attendees really stood out. Despite the best efforts of a great many people, you could say that the engine building industry has had more than its share of bad luck. Yet the mood at the recent AERA Expo 2003

Dodge City’s Finest; Harry’s Machine Works

No history of the American West would be complete without extensive recollections of Dodge City, KS. Formed as a convenient railroad stop to serve the new Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad, Dodge City offered something for everyone. That is, if your tastes ran to buffalo hunting, gambling or gunfighting. In its early days, Dodge

Gaerte Engines

In the world of sprint cars and midget racing, the name "Gaerte" is recognized as one of the innovators. With a history of building winning motors for such names as Jeff Gordon, Ken Schrader, Ryan Newman, Tony Stewart, Steve Kinser and Sammy Swindell, it

Let It Snow: Winter White Stuff Can Bring Green To Engine Builders

According to popular legend, the Eskimo language has anywhere from 10 to 50 different words for "snow." To someone from Phoenix or Albuquerque, perhaps this seems like a big deal. To someone in Minneapolis, Cleveland or Buffalo, the list of English words to describe winter weather is even greater

Richard Childress Racing Building NASCAR Winners

What does it take to win a NASCAR championship? A good driver is important, naturally. Top sponsorships certainly help out. An understanding owner? No question. But of course, in the pages of this magazine, it

The Final Wrap

Dr. Jekyll used to take a secret potion to turn him into the hideous Mr. Hyde. The Wolfman grew fangs, fur and a fearsome appetite under the full moon. Certain customers

Acquisitions, Proliferation Cloud Parts Suppliers Predictions

With a nod to Charles Dickens, "it is the best of times; it is the worst of times" in the engine building industry. And no matter which of these perspectives you favor, you

Not Your Father’s Olds – ’50s Equipment Not Designed For Today’s Engines

When it came time to start addressing the subject of survival in the machine shop and engine building world of the future, it was obvious that we could do one of two things: consult the famed French astrologer Nostradamus or call the American Association of Certified Psychics. The problem is, no one really understands the

Diversify or Disappear

When Brad Bawel went away to college to become a teacher, it didn

The Cost of Clean

When we asked the simple question "What are your cleaning costs?" we uncovered a complex answer. For many Engine Builder readers, getting and keeping parts clean is a difficult, expensive proposition

Seizing an Opportunity – Ed Davis, Waterhouse Motors

Ed Davis’ first love was motorcycles. Beginning with motocross and taking up cross country racing later on, the Tacoma, WA, native found he had a natural ability and excelled at the two-wheeled sport. During high school and vocational industrial machinist training, Davis hoped to try the professional circuit before age got ahead of him. But,

Why Doesn’t Anybody Want EREF’s Cash?

Seen anybody running around the streets of your town or across your television stations wearing a suit covered with brightly colored question marks? You know the guy: he promises that the U.S. Government