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Powering Up for Personal Watercraft Engine Service

The personal watercraft (PWC)

Performance Anxiety and Other Business Issues

Performance Anxiety and Other Business Issues You don

Dirt Track Dollars In the Shop and On the Track With Malcuit Racing Engines

It’s sometimes said that racers have motor oil or high octane racing fuel in their blood. Fearless drivers are accused of having ice-water running through their veins. For Strasburg, OH’s Brad Malcuit, the most likely ingredient pumping through his bloodstream is dirt, a fact he’ll happily attribute to family heritage. Malcuit is owner of Malcuit’s

2001 Machine Shop of the Year: Hendrick

Traditionally, Missourians are thought of as skeptical, not prepared to embrace a new concept until it is a proven success. The motto "Show-Me" is imprinted on their license plates and in our national culture. Luckily for his customers, Steve Hendrick isn

The Drive For Performance Import Profits

The automotive industry has seen a great number of specialty niches since the first automobile owner decided to customize his Model T. Since that time, the search for the next great profit opportunity within the aftermarket has continued. The newest niche in the specialty aftermarket is the import performance market. Although modifying these small, powerful

Vincent Mancini Sees the Future of PERA ; Right Here, Right Now

You might think that a popular rock band would have nothing to contribute to an engine remanufacturer. You might think the best way to make a profit is to slash expenses by all means necessary. Or, you might think things would be better if your customer would just see your side of the story for

Media Frenzy — How Shot Blasting Gets Done

Opinions on which type of blast medium works best for cleaning automotive parts vary among engine builders about as much as the types of media themselves. One rebuilder may say he never uses a particular type of media to blast clean his parts, while another swears by it. Expand that out to the entire rebuilding

Little Engines, Big Money

For the rebuilding facility familiar with typical automotive or heavy-duty engines, the small displacement, four-cycle, air-cooled engine may seem insignificant. After all, these one-cylinder motors, which may produce just 5 hp, are found in lawn mowers, rototillers and kiddy go karts, for cryin’ out loud! Although the small four-cycle engines from Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh,

Navistar 7.3L Diesel Labor Costing Study

The 7.3L IDI diesel engine originally produced by Navistar from 1989-

What’s Hot In Cold Crack Repairs!

It is one of the most common ailments of a modern engine, requiring attention whenever it is discovered. It has the potential to be a great profit center, but it can also cause no end of frustration. "It" is a crack, and whenever one is discovered in a cylinder head or engine block, it means