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Building Relationships Key to Building Business

How much time do you pay attention to what you’re building? Oh, I know you are attentive to the most incremental of details about your engines. You measure things to four or more decimal points. You polish metal to a degree that glass is embarrassed to be seen next to it. You understand that what

Enter Now for Engine Builder of the Year Consideration

As of May 1, 2018, engine builders, customers and fans have been able to nominate their favorite custom engine builder for one of the titles of Engine Builder of the Year. Together with our title sponsor Fel-Pro Performance Gaskets and several other iconic brands from Federal-Mogul Motorparts, we will announce the names of our Race,

Building Relationships Key to Building Business

Answer honestly – do you REALLY spend enough time making sure that you’re getting something out of your business other than a paycheck? Not in a new-age, warm-and-fuzzy “love your job and you’ll never work a day in your lfe” way, but in a way that satisfies your inner definition of success.

Petty’s Garage Brings Classic Camaro Back to Life

Petty’s Garage Breathes New Life Back Into a Classic Camaro Typically, a 50th birthday party is an occasion to remind the celebrant that his better days are behind him, he’ll never catch up to the younger crowd, that he is, in fact, now over the hill. Luckily for one 50 year old, the attention is

Birthdays With a Zero Really Are Better

When you’re young, birthdays matter. That first one? Pretty important, especially because they give you a cake that you get to eat all by yourself. After that, the parties are goofy fun, and for a few years in your teens, it’s really good. At 16 you get your license, at 17 you can get into

Top 15 Music in Cars Movie Scenes

This is a list of some of the greatest movie scenes featuring characters singing songs while in/on vehicles. Just try to keep from singing along at your desk.

High Performance Heavy-Duty Engine Look at Diesels Through a Different Lens

Across much of the highway system of the U.S., heavy trucks race almost non-stop to their next destination. Actually, because of DOT regulations and self-enacted restrictions from nearly every fleet operation, those trucks are more likely to be driven safely and efficiently. On several race tracks across the United States, though, diesel tractors with C12

Class 8 Diesel Engines – Built for Speed, Too

Class 8 Diesels Make Great Race Trucks Too, Says Ohio Engine Builder When you think about diesel engine building profit potential you may consider the on-track activities of boosted turbo diesels like the 6.6L Duramax, the 5.9L Cummins or the 6.0L Power Stroke. Impressive engines, and it’s really no surprise to see sub-11 second runs

Understanding How Valve Seats Are Made, How They Work and What Can Happen When They’re Wrong

When it comes to engine cooling, the radiator is kind of a showoff. It sits right up front, catching the best breeze, dominating the conversation. And when it erupts in a cloud of coolant and steam, everyone knows about it. However, the engine valves (particularly the exhaust valves) shouldn’t be overlooked for the role they

Heads or Tails

If you’re feeling a bit confused right now, not sure which way is up and worried that you may be losing your grip on reality. If you’ve found this column after reading Engine Builder’s High Performance Buyers Guide and things just look, well, strange – try this: turn the magazine over.    Now, does that

Engine Math for Engine Builders

Engine building is a numbers game. Whether you like math or not, you often have to use it when figuring things like engine displacement, airflow, compression ratios and valve lift. Knowing how to calculate these values and how to use the numbers to match pistons, cylinder heads, cams, carburetors and valve train components can help

EPA and the Engine Builder

The Environmental Protection Agency affects every aspect of our lives in one way or another. What we drive and how we enjoy our leisure activities are only part of its purview. The concern by many automotive industry insiders is that unchecked, unnecessary regulations will severely impact a strong economic sector.