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Industry Still Strong, Say Readers – Engine Builder Readers Tell Us Business Has Changed, But Opportunity Still Remains

For more than 50 years, Babcox Media has covered the rebuilding industry on a monthly basis. At least 633 issues of Automotive Rebuilder and, since 2000, Engine Builder has been dedicated to the business of machining, building, rebuilding and remanufacturing engines. In our very first issue, we made the promise that we would be devoted

Help this Industry – and Help Yourself, Too

As you have heard from this bully pulpit many times over the past 15 or so years, I want you to let us know how we’re doing. Engine Builder exists so our readers (engine builders, remanufacturers and machine shops) and advertisers have a business tool that promotes the success of both. Communication is both simpler

When Does Your Customer Service End?

Anytime I have a discussion with an engine builder, I’ve found our conversation eventually turns to his customers. We discuss how he can get more, how he can satisfy the ones he has now and, in some cases, how to get rid of the ones he doesn’t want anymore. As you know only too well,

Brighton, MI High School Engine Building Program Includes Dyno Instruction

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before: a couple of guys get ahold of a tired late model Chevy 350 V8 and decide to rebuild it into something with a bit more teeth. With the help of a more experienced engine builder they spend about a year working on the block and heads and

Tracing The Pathway To The Presidency

Without speeches, fanfare or so much as a single balloon drop, one presidential candidate is quietly preparing to take the reins of leadership this fall. Unlike other much more public political battles being waged across this great nation this year, Scott Miller, incoming president of the Production Engine Remanufacturers  Association (PERA) is winning WITH his

History in the Printed Word and on the Shelves

As most of you are hopefully aware – and many of you may actually remember – the magazine you’re reading today began life 52 years ago this month as Automotive Rebuilder. Through the decades, we have tried to do things right – supporting the efforts and extoling the virtues of the independent rebuilder and remanufacturer.

50 Years Gone, 50 More To Come

The annual SEMA Show is often viewed as a celebration of excess held in the town where too much is never enough. This year’s gathering in Las Vegas was certainly no exception. Thousands of exhibitors (more than 2,400) catered to nearly 70,000 buyers, who trekked across nearly 3 million square feet of exhibit space, features

Celebrating Champions Past, Present and Future

Everyone loves it when magazine writers dedicate their December columns to a recap of the year just past, right? Okay, maybe not. Sure, if it’s been a great year for your favorite sports team, it’s awesome  to relive the good times (oops, sorry about that, Golden State Warriors fans), but it can sure stink if

Self-Driving Cars Face Unexpected Challenges

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, driverlesss cars actually required the quick input of a human driver 2,578 times during testing in 2016. And that’s in California, where the people and the road conditions are beautiful!

Historic Machine Shop Named National Landmark

The W.A. Young & Sons Foundry and Machine Shop in Rices Landing, PA, has recently been designated a National Historic Landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior, meaning this sprawling factory on the banks of the mighty Monongahela River is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Race Engine Warranties

Your customers often spend a great deal of their money and your time on their latest attempt at winning a race. Once it leaves your shop, dyno results attached, what’s next? Do you offer a warranty on your race engines?

Give Us Your Secrets, We’ll Give You Cash

Each month, the Engine Pro selection committee chooses the most creative ideas to be included in this Engine Builder magazine column – and if your Solution is selected for publication, you’ll receive a prepaid $100 Visa gift card from Engine Pro.