Joe Mondello, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Can a Corvette perform even better? You bet it can!

The 1998 Corvette looks fast, sounds fast and is a downright great performance car

Today’s Gasoline Additives Silent Killers Of GM Engines

Over the past several years, I have answered hundreds of questions about engines: "Why does my engine ping? detonate? have its valves stick in their guides? have badly worn exhaust valve seats? Run hot? Make less power than it used to?" The biggest problem engines face today is the fuel. It is unstable because of

Hot Heads, Head Work On Harley Davidson Engines Can Yield Good Profits

Porting these heads and increasing airflow and valve sizes does the trick For decades, Harley Davidson (HD) owners have sought increased power and performance for their machines. We have found over the years that porting the cylinder head and increasing the valve sizes and airflow not only adds horsepower but also increases torque and driveability.

Hot Heads: Valve Bowl Porting…Boost Power And Profits

Valve bowl porting is a smart way for shops to boost power and profits. A few new tools and a little knowledge can score big with performance heads Many shops in the country are getting lots of calls and opportunities to do cylinder head porting work. Many shops are stock rebuild businesses that are afraid