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Reflecting on ‘Speedy’ Bill Smith’s Impact on the Performance Industry

I met “Speedy” Bill Smith while on a magazine assignment for a former hot rodder magazine back in April of 1999. The magazine editor called early one Monday morning… “I know you only write technical articles for the magazine but we need somebody to go interview “Speedy” Bill Smith in Lincoln, Nebraska. You are the

Reflecting on the Go Kart Kraze

The year was 1956. Art Ingeles is a veteran Hot Rodder who spends his days working for the Kurtis Kraft Company. The Kurtis Kraft Company was a well-known fabrication company known for building midget cars, quarter midget cars, Bonneville Cars, USAC Championship Cars and Indy Cars. The company was founded by Frank Kurtis who built

Looking for a Lost ’32 Ford Roadster

Every antique racecar has a past history. Sometimes that history is well documented, and other times, it gets lost over the years through a succession of owners and events. In the latter case, you have to judge the car for what it is…what you see in front of you. Mike Nail’s ‘32 Ford Roadster is

The Michigan Madman Meets The Widowmaker

There seems to be one in every neighborhood. You know – the kid who takes his experimenting a little too far. Growing up, you probably knew that kid – or may even have been that kid. Here is one of those true stories of “the kid” who’s love of machines and inventing got him into