Greg Sands, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Improve Employee Performance By Setting, Tracking Goals

Improving employee performance is a critical issue that most shop owners struggle with on a daily basis. I’ve discovered that building and maintaining a strong team of high performers is an ongoing process that requires a range of strategies, from providing the proper training to offering opportunities for growth. Here’s a look at the methods

Protecting Your Shop’s Reputation: Be Wary Of Threats To Your Brand Name

Unfortunately, protecting your brand has become more of a challenge in the Internet age. Complaints that were once handled in person and in private are often shared online, potentially alienating new ­customers and making it difficult for shop owners to resolve issues. Even worse, because of the anonymous nature of the Internet, some shop owners

Shop Success: Good Planning Is More Fruitful Than

It’s a fair question, but it misses the point. Focusing on one ­secret ingredient instead of the entire recipe won’t lead to success. If I baked a cake and you asked me what was in it and the only thing I told you was sugar, you couldn’t replicate the cake. Yet, that’s the approach many