Paul Savadin, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Repairing a Rod Journal on a Callies Aftermarket Forging

During more than 30 years in my small but comfortable shop, I have repaired thousands of crankshafts by welding. One thing I have learned in that time is that when a customer brings a crank to be repaired, you must take note of exactly what type of crankshaft you will be working on. Many of

Repairing John Deere Drive Axles

Four years ago, a customer asked me if I would be interested in repairing some John Deere tractor axles. My first concern was if they would hold up. I consider myself a pretty good welder and have often repaired some race car and passenger vehicle axles with great success. A tractor, like a John Deere

Keeping It Straight

Dialing in an Older Crankshaft Grinding Machine for Taper and Alignment Many machine shop owners who own crankshaft grinding machines have asked me why their machines do not grind true. The most common complaints regard taper in the grind and grinding out of round. However, most machine owners or operators don

Repairing a Ford Nine-Inch Pinion Support

During more than 30 years of crankshaft grinding, I have been asked many times to repair a surface that needle bearings ride on. For years, the only advice I could offer to customers was to go buy a new part. The problem was that a needle bearing needs a super-hard surface to ride on or