Mitch Schneider, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Managing Charges In Times of Great Change

What do you do when nothing seems familiar anymore? When everychallenge appears different and somehow inconsistent with anythingyou’ve ever seen before? It’s easy to say “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.” But, this isn’t theMarine Corps. And, if that’s all you are doing, if everything you faceis an exception to the rule because none of the rules seem

The View From 37,000 Feet

I had just settled into my seat in what I thought was the “back” ofthe plane on my way to my second industry event in less than twomonths. They were boarding by groups from the back of the plane forwardand my group was called early, so I thought being in the back was apretty safe

A Total Eclipse Of The Son

Not all that long ago, an entire generation learned about high performance and hot rods from Jan & Dean and The Beach Boys. Their lyrics romanticized surfing, cars and the California lifestyle. I knew kids who quoted those lyrics as they described either the car they were driving, or the one they desperately wanted to

Got a Minute? – Educating the customer

Time is an interesting construct. If you look at its history, you begin to realize that there is no real reason for a minute to have 60 seconds, an hour to have 60 minutes or a day to have 24 hours, or for us to divide those 24 hours into 12 hours of daylight and

Mitch’s World: Serving Up A Well-Balanced Engine

One of the most colorful threads woven through the fabric of my early life growing up in Brooklyn was going for Chinese food on special weekends with the family. No matter how ordinary a second look at the same restaurant with adult eyes might seem today, as a child these exotic destinations were always a