Paul Schuck, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Caliper Clinic: Defective Parts, If Not Monitored, Can Easily Strip A Company Of Its Profits

Defects exist in almost all products. Preferably,defects are found and corrected prior to shipment to the customer.However, on occasion a defect can be overlooked and end up inthe customer’s hands. Not all defects result in an unsafe condition.But even a product that is boxed or labeled incorrectly can leavethe customer with a sour taste in

Caliper Clinic: Rebuilders Not Only Can Improve An OE Design, But They Can Also Improve The Consumers’ Opinion

Rebuilders not only can improve an OE design,but they can also improve the consumers’ opinion about the rebuiltauto parts business, in general. Many people still believe thatall rebuilt parts are sub-standard compared with original equipmentparts. However, most rebuilders are continually working to improvethe reputation of rebuilt parts by producing quality parts, andby improving deficiencies in