Scott Shriber, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Have You Ever Had a Fantasy?

Be watching in mid-March for the launch of the 2019 Engine Builder Fantasy Engine Build. You will be able to pick from several build platforms (domestic performance, performance diesel and import) and then from over a dozen different product/parts categories to build your dream motor.

OEM Confusion Spells Success For the Engine Builder

GM announced last month they are closing plants and shuttering several others. The direction they cite is that they are moving away from sedans and will shift volumes towards SUVs and trucks. Ford announced many months ago they are only going to produce the Focus and the Mustang for car production. FCA is killing other sedans

In Engine Building, Predictions Don’t Always Meet Reality

Here we go again. The fax machine will kill the mail system… TV will kill the radio… Movie rentals and streaming videos will kill the movie theaters… The above three statements were cited many times over the years, but strangely, none have them have even been remotely close to coming true. Every year the U.S.

Is Your Shop A Good Place To Work?

I recently got an email from a reader who made me think a little bit. His question was: Do you have any good ideas on how to keep engine specialists? In my 35-plus years in the industry, I’ve counseled hundreds of shops and have had the good fortune of meeting thousands of engine builders. Not