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September 2014 Shop Solutions

One of the most important factors in engine bearing design is a proper fit between the bearing and housing. Except for thrust washers, nearly all bearings are an interference fit. This means the bearing is slightly larger than the hole it fits into. In bushings, we refer to this as “Press Fit.”

Shop Solutions August 2014

Cleaning Bucket Style Hydraulic Lifters  Unlike their flat tappet cousins, bucket style hydraulic lifters can often be reused if inspected, validated and cleaned. The problem is taking them apart. I developed this hammer tool to separate the plunger from the body. Insert the bucket (upside down) and secure with the cover plate. Next, a few good blows

July Shop Solutions

Organize and Save  Organizing your parts inventory in your shop, building or warehouse is difficult whether it’s a few pieces or a few thousand parts. Start by thinking about what it’s going to take to find that part later on. Have an area set aside for just parts, arrange it in categories and decide if

June Shop Solutions

In Depth Deck Discussion I’ve found another use for a deck height bridge. When replacing seats on race cylinder heads, especially Big Block Chevys, I use a deck bridge with an indicator extension to first check where the valve was and should be. Then, when machining the seats, it’s an easy way to get all

Engine Builder Shop Solutions May 2014

Plastic Fantastic For many years, bolt boots have been the primary way to protect the crankshaft journal from damage during piston installation. Some shop supply companies sell long steel tubes that serve as guides to help align the rod to the journal. These help align the rod, but can also damage the journal surface. For

April Engine Builder Shop Solutions

Combustion Chamber Molds When making chamber molds for a variety of purposes, including holding up the valves on the assembly bench, (as opposed to a beanbag or shop rag) common auto body filler (Bondo) works very well. It’s fast and very inexpensive. Just mix the body filler and fill chambers of an assembled head. The

March 2014 Engine Builder Shop Solutions

Serve Up Cylinder Support on a Torque Plate Honing motorcycle or powersport cylinders can be difficult. The thin bottom portion of the cylinder often protrudes 1”-3” below the cylinder assembly, and if this thin/bottom portion of the cylinder is not supported during the honing process, the hone tends to push the cylinders outward instead of

Engine Builder Shop Solutions – January 2014

Replacement Head I.D. for Ford 6.0L Diesel Identifying a Ford 6.0L head by dowel size alone does not necessarily get you the correct replacement cylinder head. Ford/International have two casting numbers for their 6.0L head, the early 1843080C1 through C4 heads which all have 18mm dowel holes and use an 8mm mounting bolt for the rocker

December Issue Shop Solutions for Engine Builders

Piston Ring Gapping Tip Some of you may know this ring end gapping tip, but I have never seen it anywhere. Not even in ring package instructions. This has to do with checking the flimsy oil rail gaps. Most conventional size bores are not much of a problem. The rails on those sizes usually have a lot

November Issue Engine Builder Shop Solutions

Jeep 3.8L Oil Pressure Problem Many late model 3.8L Jeep engines are losing oil pressure at the oil pump due to failure of the bypass valve. This results in destruction of not only the crankshaft, but the connecting rods. To fix the problem, you need to find the bypass valve inside the plastic timing cover.

Shop Solutions: October 2013 Issue

Balloons Belong at Birthday Parties Not in Transmissions I rebuilt a 454 GM engine that went into a motorhome application. It ran well, and no problems immediately appeared. But later on, it was towed in with a main bearing failure in the thrust area. I gave the customer another engine, and a month later it

Engine Builder Shop Solutions: September 2013

Authors of Shop Solutions published in each issue of Engine Builder Magazine are awarded a prepaid $100 Visa gift card. Shop Solutions may also be submitted to [email protected]. Cylinder Sleeve Flange Failures May Go Unnoticed Cylinder sleeve flange failures may go unnoticed if the sleeve body stays in position, but if it is pulled down