Lake Speed, Jr., Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Tight Tolerances and Building Power

As you ascend Mt. Everest, you reach an area called the death zone. Once you climb high enough, the margin of error becomes perilously thin. That death zone also applies to engines. As the horsepower per cubic inch and rpm increase, the margin of error decreases. 

Hydrocarbon Heartburn? — Effects of Sulfur Reduction in Motor Oils

Let’s face it, things change. Not only have the prices of gasoline, diesel and motor oils changed in the last decade or so, the chemical makeup of these products have all changed, too. The reduction of sulfur in diesel fuel, gasoline and motor oil has had measurable effects on fuel injectors and other vital engine

What You Can

To put things in perspective, .0015? isequal to 32 micron. These particles are small enough to get into that space justahead of the cam lobe and lifter contact area. Small particles can get in betweenthe roller and the axle on a roller lifter. Even worse, hard particles canscore the bore of the plunger in hydraulic