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Machining Steve Morris’ SML Heads – Part 2

Now that Steve has everything setup in the 5-axis Centroid CNC, the real machine work has begun. Check out the progress on these billet aluminum heads.

Inside Look at Steve Morris Engines’ SML Heads – Part 1

As Steve continues to develop his SML engine platform, he gives us an inside look at the development of the cylinder heads, which start from a raw block of billet aluminum and turn into a work of art thanks to a Centroid 5-axis CNC.

Steve Morris Engines’ SML Engine Details

Steve Morris goes more in-depth on his LS-based, all-billet SML engine.

Steve Morris Engines’ New 3,500-HP SML Engine

After a customer wanted Steve’s SMX engine platform in an LS version, Steve developed the SML – an all-billet, 3,500-hp capable, custom engine package that’s perfect for endurance racing, drag racing or even drag and drive events. Watch as Steve discloses some of the details.

Steve Morris Unveils the SMX Wagon

Now that the SMX engine build is done, Steve has installed it in the wagon and shows some additional goodies he has in store… but not all.

Steve Morris’ SMX Engine Gets Heads and Intake Installed

Now that the primary internals are all set, Steve shifts his focus to the top end of the SMX build and shows you his SMX cylinder head set up and intake.

Steve Gets Into the “Meat” of his SMX Engine Build

In this episode, Steve goes through finishes touches to the crank assembly, gets the camshaft situated, degrees the gear drive, talks about the engine’s oiling system, water plates to cover the water jackets, installs the oil pan, and more.

Steve Morris’ SMX Rotating Assembly

Now that you’ve seen the ins and outs of the SMX block, Steve goes over his selections for the rotating assembly (crank, rods, pistons) for the engine.

Steve Morris Reintroduces His SMX Wagon Project

It’s a rare occasion that engine builders get to work on their own projects, but Steve Morris recently got his wagon back out and is showing the ins and outs of his personal SMX engine build, which will debut at Sick Week 2022. In this episode he covers the SMX block characteristics.

Understanding Camshafts – Part 3 (Cam Design)

Now that Steve has run through lobe shapes and cam cores, you’re ready to put it all together in order to understand what goes into designing a custom camshaft, and the reasons behind certain decisions. If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, view them at the links.

Understanding Camshafts – Part 2 (Cam Cores)

There’s a lot of detailed information that comes with camshaft selection, but core size is one of the more important aspects as it dictates several other specifications of the cam itself. Steve explains in this episode. Stay tuned for the final Part 3 video on camshafts. If you missed Part 1, click here.

Understanding Camshafts – Part 1 (Lobe Shape)

The camshaft is to an engine as a conductor is to an orchestra. A lot rides on having the proper camshaft selected for your engine application. In Part 1 of this Steve Tech on camshafts, Steve Morris discusses lobe shape and the importance of choosing the right shape for your expected performance goals. Stay tuned