Steve Temple, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Speed of Air Engine Technology

Speed of Air’s patented technology can easily and effectively optimize combustion to deliver a significant increase in power.

Speed of Air Truck
Speed of Air Engine Technologies’ Delivers Performance Breakthrough

Speed of Air (SOA) Engine Technologies has found a way to optimize combustion that delivers several startling performance benefits. A significant increase in power is just one among many.

Join the Marines: Why Engine Builders Need to Change Course for the Marine Market

Not all engines are created equal – even when they’re using the same basic block. It’s the application that makes the difference, especially when we’re talking about marine instead of automotive. For this article, we’ll be focusing on inboard and stern-drive engines, as outboards are a separate, small-engine category.

A Diesel Blend – How T&A Performance Integrates Both Service Work and Aftermarket Upgrades into a 6.0L Power Stroke

It’s a given that engine builders often combine components in innovative and unusual ways. That goes for their shop operations in general. Tim Anderson of T&A Performance LLC in Sparks, NV, is a prime case in point. Shown here is the buildup of a 6.0L Power Stroke, modified not only to improve performance by more

How You Can Increase Your Payoff by Including a Transmission With Your Engine Builds

Bundling two or more products into a single package simplifies the buying process for a consumer, saving both time and money. This isn’t limited to household goods and groceries. An engine builder can increase his bottom line by selling more than one product, such as a transmission. And additional accessories and services also can be added.

Building Trophy-Winning, Comp-Grade Engines

While the victor of multiple racing events usually gets all the attention, what about that unsung hero under the hood? A driver is nothing without a dependable engine that can go the distance. Here you’ll find how an engine builder can empower a talented driver, and some specific tips on tailoring an engine setup to a wide range of applications.

Building Hot Rods & Muscle Car Engines

Sometimes the best opportunities are cleverly hidden in plain view. As one example, when Chris Lafferty of Lafferty Engine Creations was asked why he opted to expand beyond race engines into the hot rod and muscle car arenas, he snorted, “Just look outside.” His North Carolina facility sits squarely in the middle of both NASCAR