Jim Walbolt, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Good, Bad or Ugly, Customer Service is Your Key to Success or Failure

Automotive-related issues continue to rank in the top ten ofconsumer complaints received by the Better Business Bureau.  Even ifyou don’t deal directly with retail customers, the way you handleANY customer complaints can go a long way in determining your successor failure. Particularly these days, in the economy we are facing, you needevery customer you can

IMCA Engines: Building Engines to Modified Racing Rules

We will point out any differences in rules for the other organizations as we go along. As always, it is a good idea to check with your local track regarding rules in ANY of the divisions you are building engines for. IMCA is the oldest active automobile sanctioning organization in the U.S., which started in

Playing In The Mud Can Bring Profits To Your Shop

Despite the recession, motorsports continues to grow. This coming December, the International Motorsports Industry Show and the Performance Racing Industry trade shows expect to welcome a combined 2,000 exhibitors and more than 65,000 attendees to see performance products in Indianapolis and Orlando. These shows are a virtual who’s who of the racing industry as you

Today’s Cylinder Block Choices Broader Than Ever

In this case, “best” power means that the engine does exactly what the driver – regardless of racing type – wants it to do,  when he wants it to do it. It also helps the driver’s winning percentage if the engine makes it to the end of the race. Remember that old saying: “To finish

New Markets Can Ensure Survival For Your Shop

Although some automotive machine shop owners believe that – with enginelife measured in six figures – the good days are over, the shops thatcontinuously seek out new markets that parallel their talents andabilities will continue to survive. Those shops willing to invest thetime and effort to find those markets will find that the opportunitiestoday are


The above statement is bold, you may think. Are you thinking that it doesn’t applyto your business? You may think you’re doing okay. Yet my statementapplies to everyone – from a one-man shop to a shop with 100 employeesor more – because if you don’t do it, your competitor will! The most recent Machine Shop

The Evolution of Diesel Piston Designs

Traditionally, diesel engines are known for their long life, fuel economy and efficiency in getting large loads from place to place. Diesel engines are equal to gasoline engines in horsepower per cubic inch, and they have double the torque of gasoline engines and can achieve up to 40 percent better fuel economy, making them ideal


A bold statement, you may think. Are you thinking that it doesn’t apply to your business? You may think you’re doing okay. Yet my statement applies to everyone – from a one-man shop to a shop with 100 employees or more – because if you don’t do it, your competitor will! The most recent Machine

The Agricultural [Engine] Market

This good news for farmers trickles down to other businesses involved in agriculture such as the implement dealers and manufacturers of farm equipment. While 2009 tractor sales are expected to be down about 20 percent, combine sales are expected to be up nearly that same amount. Used tractor sales are also seeing an increase of

Where Will Your Next Generation Of Customers Be Coming From?

In the tough economy we are facing today, many of us are concerned with generating sufficient business to keep the doors open, often at the expense of anything else. Are you so busy worrying about today that you’re not thinking about the future? Let me try to give you an idea about having the best

Sprint & Midget Racing Engine Market

While the World of Outlaws, the All-Stars and USAC are the most well-known of the sprint car racing organizations in this country, and USAC is probably the best known of the midget racing organizations, there have been many new groups surfacing in the past several years. According to Allan Brown, publisher of The National Sprint

Harvesting Profits From the Farm/Agricultural Market

When we last visited the subject of the opportunities in the agricultural market, (Engine Builder, March 2006) we discussed the diversity that may not have been apparent to everyone. While many would immediately think about tractors, combines and maybe, grain trucks, most would not have realized that the farm and agriculture industries are much more