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Diesel Performance: Just Blowing Smoke or a Real Profit Opportunity?

Traditionally, diesel engines are known for their long life, fuel economy, and efficiency in getting large loads from place to place. Diesel engines equal gasoline engines in horsepower per cubic inch, they have double the torque of gasoline engines, and they can achieve up to 40 percent better fuel economy, making them ideal for use

Crankshaft Selection Dictated by Design

We like to think that inside a modern engine, for all the violent explosions and metal-straining power, a whole world of harmony can be found. Parts work together to produce the most power possible, races are won and trophies are captured. Of course, this “cooperation” is a little deceptive. While there are dozens of parts

Fast Lane, Is Your Off-Season Busier Than Ever?

While there may be a few tracks that race year-round, mostly in the south or west, the majority of race tracks in North America have now completed their seasons. They’re getting ready for their award banquets where they honor the season champions and thank their sponsors. They will use the off-season to review the season

Growing Your Grassroots Engine Business

Webster’s Dictionary defines "grassroots" in several ways, including two that are particularly appropriate for this month’s article on racing engines. These two definitions are: 1) "Ordinary citizens, especially as contrasted with the leadership or elite." 2) "The origin or basis of something." The first definition could easily be interpreted as the local racers compared to

Fast Lane: Building A Reputation At The Track Will Build Business At The Shop

In the February 2007 issue of Engine Builder we discussed the importance of seeking out new market for your business (Fast Lane: “New Markets Could Give Your Business Hope For Survival,” page 18). In the May 2007 Issue we discussed the importance of getting out to the racetrack to help build your performance business (Fast

Fast Lane: Regional Race Tracks

By the time you read this, most racetracks will have begun their summer schedules. Sure, NASCAR has been running since February, and I’m sure many warm-weather tracks have been operating most of the year, but the majority of tracks are just beginning their seasons.If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to make

Fast Lane: New Markets Could Give Your Business Hope For Survival

[email protected] Although some automotive machine shop owners believe that – with engine life measured in six figures – the good days are over, the shops that continuously seek out new markets that parallel their talents and abilities will continue to survive. Those shops willing to invest the time and effort to find those markets will

Fast Lane: Boosting Your Business With A Web Presence – Part II

In part one of this series (“A Web Site Can Add To Your Business Bottom Line,” August 2006 Engine Builder, page 38) we talked about the need for every business to have a Web site, regardless of what type of business you are in. Sadly, in the recent Machine Shop Market Profile in this very

Fast Lane: A Web Site Can Add To Your Business Bottom Line

Hopefully everyone out there is familiar with the Internet. While there are some things about the Internet that most of us would rather not deal with, the value it has provided far outweighs any bad. A Web site is also the most cost-effective advertising you can do. As a journalist, the Internet is the first

Growing Your Agricultural Engine Business

Most automotive machine shops and engine builders are familiar with cars and trucks as a market for their services. In fact, for many shops, these two markets are their lifeblood. A look at other markets, however, is always worthwhile and any industry that uses equipment powered by an internal combustion engine should be a prospective

Tech Notes

Engine Builders: The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding a revised cylinder head gasket for Cummins ISB/ISBe 5.9L diesel engines. This information applies only to engines used for marine applications. This service bulletin topic introduces a redesigned cylinder head gasket to accommodate the cylinder pressure requirements of the QSB 425 marine engine. The

Fast Lane, Is Diversification Your Key To Performance Profits?

In past “Fast Lane” columns I have talked about how important it is for a shop to start slowly when entering the high performance and motorsports field. Starting slowly would mean starting with just one type of engine, or racing “class” or organization, so that you can become very good at what you do. To