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Fast Lane: Old-Time Engines Can Bring In Very Modern Profits

Perhaps one of the most often overlooked markets for many shops is the collector car and restoration market, and within this I would also include antique trucks of all sizes, antique tractors and farm machinery and antique construction equipment and machinery. We discussed a few of these markets, such as muscle cars and antique tractor

Building Your Business With Performance Engine Kits

As hard as it is to believe now, the concept of an “engine kit” hasn’t always been well understood. Thirty years ago or so, an engine builder who said he was buying an engine kit probably meant that he was headed to the hobby store to buy the “Visible V-8 Engine” plastic model for his

Fast Lane: Striving For Perfection In Motorsports Isn’t Enough

To be successful in any business, you must strive to be the best at what you do. However, to be successful in motorsports, you must actually BE the best at what you do. Continued success in the racing industry means that you must continually make your customers winners, and if you do that, then you

Building Drag Racing Engines and Modification Work

Although drag strips are far outnumbered by oval tracks in the United States – approximately 1,043 oval tracks to just 295 drag strips – the number of competitors in drag racing nearly equals those in the circle track ranks. The NHRA alone has more than 35,000 licensed members. One reason might be that virtually any

Fast Lane: Boundless Opportunities Await You in 2005

By now you have all made your New Year’s resolutions, and hopefully, at least one of those goals tions is to look for new opportunities that will help your business become even more successful. This month’s column should give you some help in keeping that resolution. The elections are finally over and the economy is

Tractor Pulling: It’s Not Your Granddad’s John Deere Anymore

Tractor pulling has been with us for as long as there have been tractors. Farmers used to pull their horses, mules or oxen and, just as today, each bragged that he had the biggest and strongest. Today, at the top echelons of pulling, the technology is equal to anything else in motorsports. Although you won’t

Can You Keep Up With The Changes In The Industry?

In this fast-paced world, keeping up with any industry can be very trying. Keeping up with the latest trends can be the difference between success and failure. Those businesses that remain successful are those that continually stay at the forefront of their chosen field. The engine rebuilding business has seen tremendous change in the past

Is There A ‘Spec Engine’Program In Your Future?

In an attempt to reduce the high cost of racing, many sanctioning bodies and racetracks are experimenting with or already using what could be described as “spec engines” or “crate engines.” General Motors was one of the first to offer a crate engine for racing, but now numerous manufacturers including Ford and Dodge have crate

Sprint Car Motors

While the World of Outlaws, the All Stars, and USAC are the most well known of the sprint car racing organizations in this country, there are nearly fifty organizations that sanction sprint car racing. In addition, that doesn’t take into account the racetracks throughout the country that have their own division of sprint cars. Although

Performance Doesn’t Always Mean "Race Cars"

When discussing high performance engine work, most shop owners instinctively think about racecars. It might be circle track racing, drag racing, tractor pulling, boat racing or many other forms of "off-street" motorsports. It

Fast Lane

Our final discussion of getting educated in performance machining will take us somewhere all of you are familiar with

Competitive Claimers

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