Jim Walbot, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Using Your Next Best Marketing Tool

If you look at anyone you know under the age of about 30, just take a look at your kids, their lives are in the palm of their hands in the shape of a cell phone. Most use it for all their communications these days, including email, texting and Internet, particularly with the smart phones

How Strong Is Your Team?

Every year there is at least one team that causes a big upset during the tournament – we call them the “Cinderella” or the “Dark Horse” and of course, everyone is pulling for these underdogs. This year the field was expanded from 64 teams to 68, and the battle VCU waged to get from the

Customer Service: Good, Bad or Ugly, It

Normally in this space, we talk about high performance and ways you can expand into the performance market in an effort to continue your company’s success. Well, I’m going to change gears just a little bit and talk about customer service. I originally intended to cover another subject, but recent experiences have led to me

Reading, ’Riting and Racing – Performance Education

For an automotive machine shop looking to enter the world of high-performance, finding qualified machinists and engine builders that have high-performance experience could be one of the greatest challenges. These days, there is some help, as many technical colleges have seen the need and are attempting to fill that void. It wasn