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Cylinder Head Design and Modification – Getting Started

No one can teach you how to port heads in a single magazine article, not even as great a magazine as Engine Builder. “Blasphemy!” the editors are screaming, but it’s the truth, because every job is unique to itself and its intended use. There are many resources available, but if you are serious about learning

2004 AETC Conference

The 14th annual Advanced Engine Technology Conference (AETC) saw a return to the Antlers Adam’s Mark, in downtown Colorado Springs, CO, Jan. 8-11. The return to this facility, though higher priced than those used in the recent past, was requested by a poll of last year’s attendees because of the higher quality of the hotel

How To Maximize The Business Horsepower Available From A Dyno

To many consumers, dynamometers (flow benches and CNC porting too) represent black art. They believe that dyno testing their engine will somehow magically transform it into a producer of unheard levels of power. Others just want to compare their engine to one they read about in a magazine. And still others are seeking bragging rights.

13th Annual Advanced Engine Technology Conference

For most of my adult life, I have wished that I could have access to the "inner sanctum" of engine building and automotive technology. Then I could get a good look behind the door, talk to the movers and shakers, find answers or opinions for those "what if", or "how do I", questions that always

Flow Boxes

Over the years, I have had occasion to port cylinder heads when I had no prior experience with that particular casting. The results have not always been as good as I would have liked them to be, but with only one head or one pair of heads available to work with, the development opportunities were

The Tecumseh Star, Alternate Racing Power

In motorsports, the person who spends the most usually wins the most

Pushing Into High Performance Frontiers

Engine Technology is the Talk of the Town at SuperFlow

What’s New In High Performance

If the Greek philosopher Socrates didn

Performance Heads-Using Software And Templates

In days of old when men were bold and engines weren

Small Engine Performance

Most businesses have the same problems and each must look for ways to remain competitive by reducing costs and exploring new markets for existing products or services. And so it is in engine building. There is always someone that is able to provide more features per dollar than you (or at least make someone believe

Performance Marine Engines – Meeting Customer Expectations

Life is a series of compromises. Human relations almost alwaysinvolves compromises of some sort. You want Chinese for dinner,she wants Italian; something has to give. Even if you go yourseparate ways, it’s a compromise and a decision to not dine together. Believe it or not, it’s the same with machinery. Any exercisein design is a

Making A Big Splash In The Marine Market

The average individual that would have owned a performance car in the 1960s, and the baby boomers that did, in many cases no longer have a modern affordable toy they can tweak to their own satisfaction. Serious performance today is often available to only a few with large checking accounts or extra good credit, and