Wiseco, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
What Does the 2nd Ring Really Do?

Piston ring packages are as carefully engineered as any high-performance part, but the “middle child” might be the most misunderstood. Here’s a look at the science that goes into second ring design. The ring package has three primary goals: Keep pressure confined to the combustion chamber on both the compression and power strokes, transfer heat

What is Microwelding?

Microwelding is defined as the transfer of sporadic particles of aluminum from the piston ring groove to the bottom side of the top piston ring in an internal combustion engine. OEM and racing research have shown that power increases when the top rings are moved closer to the piston deck. But, as top piston rings

How A Stroker Crankshaft Affects Piston Speed and Inertia.

An intense look at mean piston speed, inertia, and controlling the massive, destructive forces at work inside your engine. Engine builders have long calculated the mean piston speed of their engines to help identify a possible power loss and risky RPM limits.

What Makes a Racing Piston?

That clearly is an open-ended question because the answer will single out the uber-sophisticated pistons designed for Formula 1 and World Endurance Challenge (WEC), yet to be completely literal the response must acknowledge hand-modified cast factory pistons used in Hobby Stock racing at the local dirt track.