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If someone owes you money you cannot collect, you have a bad debt. A business bad debt, generally, is one that comes from operating your business. A business can deduct its bad debts from gross income when figuring its taxable income. Business bad debts may be deducted in part or in full. Non-business bad debts

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Whether the cost of an engine overhaul can be written off (expensed) or must be capitalized can make a big difference in the annual taxes that an engine

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The big news is the passage of new tax legislation, the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 (JGTRA). Congressional conferees on May 22 cobbled together a $350 billion economic stimulus package that President Bush signed into law. A major feature of JGTRA for engine builders is an increase in the expensing allowance

Your Business May Be Paying Too Much Tax

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